Masthead - Vietnam War Memorial Fund


Frequently Asked Questions about the Vietnam War Memorial on the Oregon State Capitol Grounds

How much will it cost?
We currently are estimating the cost at 4 million dollars. 

Where will it be located?
The location of the Vietnam War Memorial on the Oregon State Capitol Grounds will be in the southwest sector; west of the Capitol building and south of the Oregon World War II Memorial.

When will it be built?
We hope to have this Memorial completed by Veterans Day, 2024. This is conditional upon receiving the needed funding.

I am from a different state.  Who is this Vietnam Memorial to honor?
We intend for this Memorial to honor all who served in Vietnam and all who served during the Vietnam Era.  The Memorial Stone will honor those from Oregon who died.

Whose names will be on the Memorial Stone in the Vietnam War Memorial on the Oregon State Capitol Grounds?
The Memorial Stone will list the names of the Oregonians who died in Vietnam.  The list to be used is provided by the Department of Defense based upon the Home of Record.

Can family or friends request that a name of a military member killed in Vietnam be included on the Memorial Stone who has a Home of Record outside of Oregon?
Yes.  Any such request must include evidence that the subject military member attended High School in Oregon before joining the Military.  The Vietnam War Memorial Fund Steering Committee will review each request for compliance of this stipulation.  If approved by the Steering Committee, that name will appear on the Memorial Stone .