Masthead - Vietnam War Memorial Fund


We have been honored with the following endorsements:



  • Senator James I. Manning, Oregon Senate District 7
  • Former Representative Bill and Cherie Kennemer
  • The Late Medal of Honor Recipient, Hershel "Woody" Williams
  • Tony Molina, Tribal Veterans Representative for Confederated Tribes of the Siletz Indians of Oregon
  • The late Robert D. "Bob" Maxwell, Medal of Honor Recipient
  • Representative Jeffrey A. Helfrich, Oregon House District 52
  • Representative E. Werner Reschke, Oregon House District 56
  • Former Mayor Lori Chavez-DeRemer, City of Happy Valley
  • Former Representative Deborah Boone, Oregon House District 32
  • Former Senator Lee Beyer, Oregon Senate District 6
  • Former Representative Julie Parrish, Oregon House District 37
  • Commissioner Paul Savas, Clackamas County
  • Representative Brad Witt, Oregon House District 31
  • Former Representative Mike Nearman, Oregon House District 23
  • Former Mayor Bill King, City of Sandy
  • Former Senator Chuck Riley. Oregon Senate District 15
  • Former Representative Jeff Barker, Oregon House District 28
  • Representative David Gomberg, Oregon House District 10
  • Former Senator Alan Olsen, Oregon Senate District 20
  • Former Representative Gary Leif, Oregon House District 2
  • Former Representative Carla Piluso, Oregon House District 50
  • Former Representative Karin Power, Oregon House District 41
  • Former Representative Sheri Schouten, Oregon House District 27
  • Mayor Tom Ellis, City of Happy Valley
  • Senator Brian Boquist, Oregon Senate District 12
  • Former Mayor Dan Holladay, City of Oregon City
  • Former Representative Sal Esquivel, Oregon House District 6
  • Senator Chuck Thomsen, Oregon Senate District 26
  • Former Representative Anna Williams, Oregon House District 52
  • Former Representative Jeff Reardon, Oregon House District 48
  • Former Representative Christine Drazen, Oregon House District 39
  • Mayor Stan Pulliam, City of Sandy
  • Mayor Casey Ryan, City of Troutdale
  • The late Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson
  • Former Mayor Chuck Bennett, City of Salem
  • Mayor Joe Henry, City of Florence
  • Mayor T. Scott Harden, City of Wood Village
  • Mayor Brian Cooper, City of Fairview
  • Former Mayor George Endicott, City of Redmond
  • Former Mayor Shane Bemis, City of Gresham
  • Mayor Ted Wheeler, City of Portland
  • Former Mayor Russ Axelrod, City of West Linn
  • Representative David Brock Smith, Oregon House District 1
  • Former Representative Duane Stark, Oregon House District 4
  • Senator Kim Thatcher, Oregon Senate District 13
  • Mayor Steve Callaway, City of Hillsboro

There is no better endorsement than a donation.

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